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Kissye's First Adventure With Rachel The Chicken, Lifty, Shifty, among others. There Were Few Seasons to Few Episodes.

First aired On February 2, 2017Edit

  • Flash The Animated Series Title Card
    Kissye Is Doing With A Steamboat Ride In "Steamboat Kissye"
  • Rachel Says "Yoo Hoo!!!"
  • Lifty & Shifty do not appear in "Steamboat Kissye" First Appearance in "Kissye's Bride"
  • Rosie & Rylan In "Kissye's Bride"
  • Alice Goes to the store to get Lindsey stuck in the tiny door In "Alice Please Be Genital" From Season 4 Episode 5
  • Mrs. Nikki Tells Rosie, Mimi, Kira, Muffin, & Abra-ca-zam in "Rosie's Teacher"

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